Bamboo kitchen

This one was a challenge, the smallest kitchen I have yet done, but it has everything the big boys have and completely transformed the main floor of this modest bungalow. It now has a complete set of appliances including a full size dishwasher and microwave.

NOTE: The backsplash has yet to be installed. New photos will appear when this is done.


  • Kitchen


  • The key in making this tiny space work was opening it up into the living room. (I will add new photos once the backsplash has been installed).

  • The top section of the wall was retained to preserve the cove moulding in the living room. I inserted lights in the bottom of the beam which I angled forward at 9 degrees so the light would fall properly on the counter below.

  • The newly created counter between kitchen and living room also provides the bulk of the storage with 9 large drawers. The existing kitchen had no real drawer space.

  • A key to making the space feel as bright and large as possible was a frameless version of my lighted soffit extending around the top of the cabinetry.

  • View of soffit with lights off. Another key to making the small space work was a counter depth fridge.

  • The bamboo face material was stained very dark but the core was left natural as a detail in many places throughout, including every door and drawer edge.

  • All lighting is LED except for the existing ceiling fixture which the clients wished to retain.

  • I like to create vent covers specific to the project when it makes sense. I fashioned these out of perforated aluminum.

  • The space next to the fridge was an awkward angled wall, the perfect place for a wine rack. I used the bottom space for a LED "night light".