Birch Kitchen

This kitchen is entirely faced with Baltic Birch plywood. This theme was carried on throughout the main floor.


  • Kitchen


  • This peninsula is the centrepiece of this kitchen.

  • A number of existing cabinets were re-used in this kitchen. Also, various other complexities (which I will not delve into here) arose during construction. In the end, when the new stove finally arrived, It stood 1 1/4 inches higher than the finished countertops. My solution was to have the granite company fashion a piece of black granite to fit around the slide in unit. Not perfect, but the alternatives were unthinkable at that point.

  • Combination microwave/rangehood units are often favored these days for obvious space saving reasons, but I feel the fans are usually not as good as a dedicated unit. This is a fantastic model I really love, an American made Vent-a-Hood.

  • I am not a fan of leaving a dust catching space above kitchen cabinets, but these clients wished to use it as a display/storage area. I deferred to their wishes (It is their kitchen , after all!)

  • Wherever possible, I used continuous sections of material for continuity of the horizontal grain.

  • The counter material, recycled glass in a concrete base, is made by Vetrazzo ( It is absolutely stunning when seen in person.

  • View of the peninsula under construction. Each drawer was built for a specific purpose. The large flat one on the left to house kitchen linens, the big pullout next to the wine rack is for huge bags of dog food.

  • The main floor has baltic birch pieces throughout.

  • Another couple of BB shelves to hold art pieces.