"Boom Box"

Taking the entertainment centre beyond the blue and yellow store.


  • Entertainment


  • This unit was built to bring order to a compact living area, eliminating open shelving and an messy TV/component stand. In addition to neatly housing everything that previously occupied this space, it added a tremendous amount of storage and custom lighting.

  • It was also created specifically to house and ideally situate two incorporated indirect light panels for beautifully subdued evening light. One shines out the top of the corner tower and the other out the toe kick on the opposite end of the unit.

  • The unit face is tilted 6.5 degrees off axis to make it feel lighter in the room.

  • The light panels in the top and toe kick are controlled by separate switches in the base of the tower unit.

  • I created this painting expressly for this spot while finishing off construction of the unit.

  • Laptop is fully wired into the unit and pullout is made to be easily accessible from the couch, as are the switches for the integrated lights.

  • The three "front" speakers are neatly concealed behind a common grille. The subwoofer well vented and located behind the last panel in the unit. I spent a great deal of time during construction tuning up the audio aspect of the system and am quite pleased with the final result.

  • Large glass panels ensure easy remote controlling of all components.

  • View of the switch panel. Behind the door are bar supplies. No coasters required on the unit's laminate top.

  • This light uses the excellent ceiling and cove moulding as a reflector to bathe the entire room in a gentle light that is sufficient for most evening activities.

  • This light complements the other by lighting the lower part of the room. An adult night light if you will.