Maple Office

This unit lends a modern touch to a 100 year old house. It also allows a home office to live in a guest room. Tons of storage space in a neat efficient package.


  • Commercial
  • Home Office


  • To make the most of this space and accommodate the large window, the face of this unit has four different planes.

  • Plenty of room for reference materials up above. One of my "access benches" comes with every ceiling height unit.

  • The printer and keyboard pullouts.

  • Small drawer for office essentials

  • File space below the printer.

  • The "tower" unit in the corner by the window.

  • All wiring is neatly contained within the lower section of the tower unit. This includes router, hard drives, power supplies for the Laptop, LED's and phone charger. All are connected to a heavy duty power bar/surge protector with a master switch so the entire unit can be powered down.

  • I prefer not to use handles so the three drawers on the right are push to open. The printer and file drawers have recessed handles both because of their weight and because I used a lock-open type slide on the printer pullout to avoid jerky movement while the printer was in operation.

  • The angled top was necessitated by the location of the window and the depth needed for the printer pullout.

  • The small switch is for the desk top task lighting. The tower unit is passively and invisibly vented here and also above and below the doors to keep the hard drives etc. from overheating.

  • View of the desktop's LED task lighting.