Recording studio

I was co-owner of Toronto's Chemical Sound Recordings from 1999 to 2006. Though I didn't create the initial studio, during my time I made over every inch of the space. The building was razed to the ground in 2006 to make way for the ubiquitous downtown condo building. These photos are as much a memorial to the studio as examples of my work.


  • Commercial


  • View of the live room.

  • View of live room from iso booth.

  • View from behind the 60's house drum kit, Hammond organ and Leslie cabinet centre of frame.

  • Live room view of the control room window.

  • Our wonderful selection of microphones in front of vintage AKG spring and EMT plate reverb units.

  • Some guitars racked up and waiting during a session. Note the vibrophone in the background.

  • The tiny kitchen was the only place to get away from the music, and even it was often used as a tracking area.

  • The spot where the drummer often sweated out the first few days of a session.

  • I had the good fortune to make many records on a 2" tape machine before computers came along and turned making records into data entry.

  • "Urban seclusion" was our motto. A woods tove in the control room was a unique touch that was much appreciated by our clients, but not so much by our equipment.

  • My former office, complete with 1970 API console and Tannoy Red 15's.

  • Racks and view of the window to the live room.

  • This is the exterior of Chemical sound before the swing of the wrecking ball.

  • This is a photo of Chemical's B room which I constructed from scratch in my former living space in the building next to the main studio.

  • View down "Chemical Alley" during demolition.

  • This pile of twisted metal marks the spot where the control room once stood.