Tree Deck

This project was created to solve several needs/problems. The first was to replace an aging undersized deck. The second was to add privacy. The third was to allow easier access to the backyard, and the fourth was to feature and incorporate a much loved tree.


  • Outdoor


  • The neighbour's construction of the second floor deck a few feet away eliminated any feeling of privacy that existed so my solution was to create an attractive barrier to reclaim the space.

  • The original deck was quite small and featured an awkward narrow stairway

  • The privacy wall makes the deck cozy and also helps to dissipate the prevailing westerly winds.

  • The privacy wall features a small shelf that travels it's entire distance.

  • This small detail was intended to be made of stained glass but the clients loved the piece of vintage plexiglass I hung in the space as a temporary substitute and kept it there.

  • I love wide stairways that can be used as seating