Walnut Bathroom

Maximizing a small bathroom with a walnut based overhaul


  • Bathrooms


  • Any small bathroom needs an effective vanity cabinet. This one was customized to an extreme degree, with drawers and doors fine tuned for very particular items/purposes. The main vent stack, jutting out half way behind the toilet, created some interesting challenges in designing this small space.

  • The suspended toilet paper caddy on the lower right side was built to accommodate a bathroom scale underneath and a wastebasket (not shown) on its top.

  • It can be difficult to capture images in such a small space, so here's one taken through the doorway. I reversed the swing of the door as part of the project so it now swings out into the hallway. Previously it swung inwards, blocking the vanity and making for awkward entry and exit. A relatively small change like that can make a huge functional difference.

  • Good lighting is always a priority in my designs. Aside from the ceiling fixture, this room has tiny but powerful downlighting and well diffused vertical sidelights, separately switched, of course. Perfect face lighting.

  • The bulkhead and the medicine cabinet serve to conceal the main vent stack in the corner behind the toilet.

  • The entire front of the walnut bulkhead is removable, held in place by magnets. It houses power supplies for the lighting and has additional space that would make an excellent secret hiding place.

  • As I often do in the initial stages of a project, I temporarily installed and adjusted a cardboard prototype of the bulkhead to make sure it felt right in the finished bathroom.

  • The medicine cabinet is huge inside, even though the right side is a just a false front that conceals the vent stack.