Walnut Desk

A walnut desk made for some serious desking. I don't often photograph pieces while they are still in my shop, but the room where this desk now lives is rather small and I wasn't sure I could capture it once in place.


  • Home Office


  • This piece is over 8 feet long and was constructed for a to fit in a specific location and fill a specific purpose. There is another section (not pictured) that extends out perpendicular to the right end of the desk, forming an L shape. The desk was specifically designed with a very wide knee well so that there was room for two to sit (parent and child).

  • The box at the far end of the photo has a door that faces into the knee well of the desk, to create access when the entire L shape is assembled. The section that goes off to the right (not pictured) consists of some existing drawer units topped with a walnut section that matches the desk.

  • This view of the top shows the built in light bar, meant to illuminate a collection of objects hung on the wall behind the desk. The "lens" is mounted flush with the desk surface.

  • View of desk with light bar on. Under the lens, the LED strip lighting is mounted on an aluminum reflector to direct the majority of illumination onto the wall behind the desk, and not at the occupants face.

  • This is a detail of the aluminum grommet I custom made to finish off the cable hole.

  • Behind the door are shelves containing power supplies, hard drives and other pieces of hardware that are only accessed on a periodic basis. The unit is well vented, invisibly on the back. The small toggle switch is for the "light bar" on the top of the desk.

  • View of the 3 touch open drawers.

  • During the design process, the client expressed some interest in having white drawer faces to contrast with the walnut desk. It was my opinion that walnut faces would look better, so I delivered the unit the walnut faces and had the white ones pre-made for a quick changeover if necessary. I am happy to report that the walnut faces are still on to this day. Sometimes it helps to actually see something before you make your final determination.

  • View of the (optional) white drawer faces.