Walnut Kitchen

The removal of doors and walls between the kitchen and the rest of the house was the key to making the main floor of this bungalow great.

NOTE: The backsplash has yet to be installed. New photos will appear when this is done.


  • Kitchen


  • The peninsula with room for four (or more) is located where a wall and swing door once separated kitchen from dining room.

  • The angle on peninsula's end was chosen after much experimentation to maximize the opening for two to pass from kitchen to dining. Also to accommodate the hot air vent, and fridge on the other side (not shown in this photo).

  • This view of the 42 degree angle on peninsula's end shows the custom vent covers I created for the hot air (foreground) and cold air (background, near wall). The are attached with magnets and are easily removed for cleaning.

  • It is one of my core design principles that whenever possible, every family member should have a dedicated storage space in a kitchen. It really helps to eliminate cluttered counters. In this unused space under the eating counter on the back of the peninsula, I created two separate "secret" cabinets, one for each of the families two children.

  • Removal of the wall meant losing the critical space of the upper cabinets hung on it. By maximizing storage space in other areas we actually ended up with a surplus as compared to the old kitchen.

  • A wall and pocket door removed at the far end of the oversink unit further served to open up the space.

  • Creating cabinetry that went all the way to the ceiling was one of the ways of adding a tremendous amount of storage for "occasional" items.

  • Very little space is wasted. The top of the triangular cabinet next to the fridge became an open shelf for cookbooks. The doors conceal a broom closet and pantry shelves.

  • One of my favorite features of this kitchen, the "canine dining cove" sits in a negative space at the bottom of the triangle cab next to the fridge. Accidentally kicking and spilling the dogs dishes repeatedly during the planning stage inspired this feature.